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Problems With Your Exhaust?

Don't ignore the warning signs

Consider visiting Best Tyres if you are experiencing any of the following problems with your exhaust:

• Noises - rattling, roaring etc.

• Bad smell

• Abnormal emission volume

How Does Damage Happen?

Exhausts can corrode from both the inside and outside. How long your exhaust lasts for depends on how far and how often you drive your car rather than the length of time it has been fitted. Vehicles used for short trips around town tend to corrode their exhausts in a much shorter time and distance than cars used predominantly for long journeys.

Our exhaust repair service:

After inspecting your exhaust system, our friendly team can advise you on your exhaust needs.

Is your exhaust rattling or emitting a bad smell? Get in touch with us, in Stoke-on-Trent, now.

Exhausts repaired and replaced at low, low prices:

01782 826 266

  • We check your exhaust thoroughly before letting you know what work is required

  • We can have your exhaust fitted for you at our local depo in Stoke

  • Exhaust repairs carried out at affordable prices

  • Replacement exhausts provided in the event that the existing exhaust cannot be repaired

  • Our staff work promptly and professionally to meet your needs

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Exhaust systems

Get your exhausts checked or buy a new exhaust